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Hear what some of our customers have to say


For almost 20 years, Trafalgar Cleaners has been my go-to place for dry cleaning and tailoring. I love them.The impeccable quality of their work, their attention to detail and their warm and friendly welcome have been a pleasure throughout. I've never hesitated to give them my most delicate jobs  because they are exceptionally professional, they take the time to listen and always let you know what can and cannot be done. Also they're always responsive when I need a rush job, and always deliver on time. Patty, the dedicated owner, and Trafalgar's super talented tailor have saved more adventurous purchases than I can remember. Their prices are reasonable and I'm truly grateful to have them in my neighborhood. Try them, you'll love them too!

Elizabeth L. 

In the course of a recent trip out of the country, six of my best dresses were badly damaged in transit. Water damage primarily but also some other significant staining. Whether my bags had been opened by airport security and left out in the rain or what, I came with little information to give to the Trafalgar Cleaners. My hope was that they might be able to save one or two of my dresses. Instead, they brought all six back to perfect condition. Colors in tact, fabrics in perfect condition - i.e., good as new. Their care, expertise, skill mean my summer wardrobe is restored. I am as surprised as I am thrilled as I am grateful. There is not a cleaner in New York City in whom I have greater regard or trust. A clear first choice. My thanks are immense. Highly, highly recommended!

Sheila B.

Writing this recommendation about Trafalgar Cleaners gives me great pleasure, since I have never had a problem with anyone or the work at Trafalgar. I promise made is a promise kept...everything is on time. I started using Trafalgar about 40 years ago when I moved into the Upper East Side. Nothing has changed in 40 years. The clothes come back when promised clean without any cleaner smell. If there is a stain that takes more time to clean I receive a call explaining the need to take more time. 

Once I washed a navy blue cotton sweater with a white collar at home. The navy blue ran on the white with large spots. I immediately called Patty and she said no worries but I need a few days to work on it. To this day I can not understand how she removed the dark blue spots from the white cotton.


Thank you Trafalgar Cleaners for taking care of my clothes for the last 40 years. 

Miriam G.

As a customer of Trafalgar Cleaners for 30+ years, I cannot speak highly enough about them and the quality of their work! The care and personal attention given to garments and customers is exceptional. I have a designer wardrobe and whether it is a simple cleaning or difficult stain removal, I would not trust anyone but Trafalgar with my clothes! That goes for all my tailor needs as well, they are just amazing for this. As New Yorkers, we strive to find the best resource for anything. Look no further than Trafalgar Cleaners!

Sharon G.

I have used Trafalgar cleaners for at least 25 years. Not only are they wonderful cleaners but their staff are too and have been with Trafalgar for many years which reflects how lovely the owners are. Trafalgar knows how to dry clean designer clothing. They also have wonderful tailoring. Sharon G 

Marilyn S.

Patty is extremely detailed in alterations and tailoring, and ensures that the clothes fit according to my body shape, and look flattering on me. I gave her a bikini and Gala dress to alter, which were pretty complicated to alter. They came out perfect! I will keep going back for her great work. I live in the Upper West Side and come all the way to the Upper East Side, and it is totally worth it! 

Daniella S.

I have been a regular customer at Trafalgar Cleaners for over 15 years, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful they are. The cleaning and tailoring services are flawless - if for some reason something doesn’t come out perfectly, they always do it again until it does - and the customer service is phenomenal. You can just text them for a pick up, and they always pick up and deliver exactly when they say they will. Patty is wonderful - she and her husband started working at Trafalgar 40 years ago and then bought the business from their boss. You can tell how much they care in the quality of their work and kindness to their clients. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!  

Hadley S.

My family has been using Trafalgar for more than twenty years and they are unbelievable!!! We have never once been disappointed. They are always so nice and accommodating and do incredible work - whether it is a stain that I thought would never come out, a favorite pair of jeans that I thought were beyond repair, or, most recently a dress that they had altered for a wedding I was in - they can do it all. The staff is incredible, the tailor is the best in the city, and I recommend them to people from all over the city and my friends have all been blown away. Thank you Trafalgar!!!

Lauren G.

I have lived uptown for 25 years and finally came across a dry cleaning service that is so excellent at what they do, trust worthy and makes getting my dry cleaning done so easy! Everyone who works at this family run business has been so nice and definitely provide the best customer service.  I can leave my dry cleaning bag with my doorman, text Trafalgar and they pick it up and deliver the next day!  They make payments just as easy too by charging my credit card monthly and done!
I can call, email or text any questions or concerns and someone responds immediately.  If a stain doesn’t come out the first time they gladly repeat until they get it out without ruining the item. Things are returned looking perfect and without that chemical scent that is known to be part of the negatives of dry cleaning.  They do laundry wash and fold too!  Prices are fair and again the family that owns and runs it are just the best! Highly recommend! 

Lesly L.

We have used Trafalgar for over 15 years. And even though we have moved neighborhoods over the last two years we continue to use Trafalgar. They provide impeccable service and are very accommodating with pickup and delivery. Any issues i.e. a missing button, stains etc are addressed immediately. We would highly recommend Trafalgar to anyone interested in a high quality cleaners. 

Susan F.

Over 26 years ago, when we moved to the neighborhood, someone in our building recommended Trafalgar Cleaners. We haven’t had a single disappointment in all that time. They do a nice job cleaning, repairs, even sewed a new lining in my husband’s sports coat. Also, very important, they have returned valuables left in a pocket! and are always prompt, willing to do a special pickup for “emergency” cleanings/pressings, and fair pricing. They offer both dry cleaning and wash & fold, which was useful when children came back from trips and the laundry was overwhelming!

I know these days there are companies that can pick up and do it less expensively out of borough, however having a person who knows you, who is responsive and actually in the neighborhood is a service worth the small extra money. The personal touch is truly meaningful if you care about your clothes.

Laurie H.

In the Upper East Side, there are many dry cleaners, but Trafalgar stands out among them all! For 38 years, this family business has provided integrity, professionalism, and excellent service to all of its customers. No tailoring job is too small, and items are always delivered on time. Why settle for anything less than perfection for your good clothes?

Lea C.

Trafalgar Cleaners was recommended to me when I moved to New York City from Los Angeles 30 years ago.  Wherever I have lived on the Upper East Side in those years, Trafalgar has been our family's dry cleaners. With Patty’s amazing direction, Trafalgar has always delivered impeccably well ironed dress shirts, removed stains from clothing, altered school uniforms or prom formals with the same attention to detail and reliability.  I always knew that I could count on Trafalgar Cleaners to follow through on any clothing repair or cleaning issue.

Would recommend them 100%.

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