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Professional Services

Dry Cleaning

With over half a century of experience, Trafalgar has been known for being a top tier dry cleaner in Manhattan. Dry cleaning is Trafalgar’s signature service, accompanied by professionalism, reliability, and consistency. All work is done at our location in Manhattan, NY. Additionally, we offer state of the art wet cleaning services, the most environmentally friendly method of garment cleaning. We can handle any stain on any piece of clothing while maintaining that same perfect fit and bright color that you expect. Trust Trafalgar as your dry cleaner to keep your garments in excellent condition.

Wedding & Bridal

Trafalgar cleaners is an expert in providing impeccable Wedding Dress + Gown cleaning, alteration, and preservation services. Our specialists examine the fabric and features carefully before cleaning to provide the highest quality of care. Embellishments such as beads and sequins are protected or removed beforehand and restored afterwards to return it just the way you brought it in. No matter the alteration needed, bring in your wedding dress to Trafalgar and we will make it perfect for your wedding day. We also provide specially designed storage boxes with acid free tissues to preserve your wedding dress for generations.

Alterations & Repairs

When it comes to alterations and repairs, Trafalgar comes second to none. Trafalgar is peerless in delivering top notch custom tailoring and repair services. Whether it is an old family souvenir from your closet or a meticulous wedding dress alteration, our talented tailors will alter the garment to that perfect fit for you. Trafalgar is the ideal place for exemplary garment alteration and repair.

Our tailors can come to your home or you can come to our shop to have your garments altered. Please contact us for an appointment.

Ironed White Shirts


Our exceptional shirts service will have you feeling fresh for your everyday needs. We complete thorough inspections, hand cleaning all collars and cuffs in addition to resewing all loose buttons. We use only eco-friendly products. With our special hand finished shirt services, we will have you looking perfect for your special occasion.

Wash & Fold

For our Wash & Fold service, we treat heavy soil and stains using high quality detergents and whiteners so you get your clothes returned fresh, clean, wrinkle free, and crisply folded. We offer nothing but the best experience.

Trust Trafalgar with all of your Wash & Fold needs.

Folding Ironed Clothes
Colorful Bed

Bed & Table Linens

Our experts provide precision and consistency with our cleaning and pressing services for your bed and table linens. You can enjoy sleeping in a bed having linens that look crisp and smell fresh. Take joy in having a tablecloth feeling as new as the day you bought them. We pride ourselves in providing the finest quality service for your bed and table linens.

Drapery & Upholstery

Our experienced specialists provide the professional handling and care needed to clean your draperies and upholstery. You can expect them to be returned with no shrinkage or stretching and feel as good as new. For many clients, we come into their home, carefully take everything down, clean the pieces, and reinstall them in their original places. This service is perfect for when you go on vacation - there is no greater feeling than coming back home to a fresh set of drapes!

Two Fabrics


At Trafalgar, our professionals use safe and proven techniques to thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs. We are able to bring your carpets back to life, removing stains and lifting any marks. We also provide the service to come in, and transport the rug for cleaning, and placing it back the way it was. Trafalgar’s professional carpet services will keep your carpets looking as good as new!

Woman in Furs

Fur Cleaning & Glazing

Trafalgar specializes in providing fur cleaning and glazing services to keep them vibrant and healthy. We preserve your valuable furs in our environmentally controlled storage facilities to keep them safe from aging.

Handbags & Shoes

We have provided elite services in cleaning handbags, and restoration of shoes and luggage for over 40 years. Our professional cleaning gives new life to your worn out cherished belongings and makes them as good as new. Choose Trafalgar for your handbag, shoe, and luggage service needs.

Pink Handbag
Clothing Rack

Seasonal Fur & Clothing Storage

Trafalgar provides a seasonal clothing storage service to maximize your closet space. We clean your cherished clothes and store them away for the off season. This service is great for keeping your closet clean and organized. We even provide storage for your favorite fur coat. Trust Trafalgar to keep your clothes stowed away safely.

Clean & Mail to Destination

Our Clean & Mail to Destination service lets customers say goodbye to the hassles of travelling with lots of clothes. 
Here's how it works: You mail us your travel wardrobe for cleaning from wherever you are. We’ll clean, press, and have it delivered to your destination. When your trip is over, simply have your hotel ship it back to us for cleaning and delivery, and we will deliver it back to your home after services. No more troubles of traveling with lots of clothes. Trust Trafalgar with your traveling garment needs.

Packed Luggage

Garment Restoration

​We provide restoration services for:

  • Water damage

  • Smoke damage (removing smoke smell)

  • Sequins, bead and crystal damage

Trust Trafalgar to restore and bring your valued items back to life.


Trafalgar is an expert in the couture cleaning service. We provide luxurious and professional hand cleaning services. Our specialists are able to handle the most intricate of designs and embellishments. Prior to cleaning fragile garments that are too delicate to be processed by machine, we examine the stains on each piece and take pictures of buttons, beads, and sequins to make sure we return it just the way you brought it in. We provide restoration services while removing and reapplying delicate ornaments with extreme precision. Trafalgar provides top class service for keeping your couture in perfect condition.

Suede & Leather

We provide top tier leather and suede services to make them look as good as new. We do cleaning, dyeing, and repairing of rips and broken zippers. We also provide special storage for your high quality suede and leather garments in our environmentally controlled facilities. Trust Trafalgar Cleaners for your valued suede and leather items to ensure they remain high quality for generations.

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