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About Us

When we signed the contract to purchase Trafalgar Cleaners in 1980, it was our American dream come true.


Hi! We’re Patty and Michael Park, the owners of Trafalgar. 


For the past 4 decades, we’ve worked hard with devotion and commitment to become the top-notch dry cleaning service in New York City. When clients present problems with their garments or household needs, we’ve risen to the challenge, and taken them on with joy and gratitude.

And we’ve been proving that we are the best in town.


Why we are the best?


1. We don’t operate a chain of stores, and we’re not a tiny, unestablished business that might disappear tomorrow. We’re a high-quality, high-value boutique. We, Patty and Michael, ourselves are always at the site and in full control. We always give each of our customer’s precious clothes an owner’s heartful, personal touch.


2. We provide unparalleled quality service through our four decades of experiences and knowledge. 


3. Our staff have worked with us for an average of nine years, (some have been with us 20+ years). It shows our steps’ expertise in dry cleaning industry and harmonious and joyful working environment.


4. We are fully established with outstanding equipment. Most stores in Manhattan do drop off service with no dry cleaning machine, whose garments are sent to be cleaned in big wholesale stores where personalized, elaborate, careful services are impossible to expect. Some stores have only one dry cleaning machine. We have two dry cleaning machines on our premises, which is very rare in Manhattan, one just for white garments only (that is one of our secrets to keeping the whites white). We also have two wet cleaning machines to reduce the use of chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning process.


5. Our job is exceptional, but our prices are quite reasonable.


We are not complacent with our success until now. We will continuously improve to be the number one dry cleaners in New York City.

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