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Can I expect my white Chanel jacket to come out white after you clean it?

We guarantee them to be as white and bright as when you first bought them. Our store dedicates one machine solely for white garments. We also provide a special wet cleaning service to keep it white. Even people who have left their whites in their closets for years have brought them in, and we have been able to make them look new again.

Do you do cleaning on your premises?

We are fully established with outstanding equipment. Most stores in Manhattan do drop off service with no dry cleaning machine, whose garments are sent to be cleaned in big wholesale stores where personalized, elaborate, careful services are impossible to expect. Some stores have only one dry cleaning machine. We have two dry cleaning machines on our premises, which is very rare in Manhattan, one just for white garments only. We also have two wet cleaning machines to reduce the use of chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning process.

Can you get coffee stains out from my tie, or should I take it to the tie crafters?

We provide specialized care in removing stains from ties. Our service keeps the original shape of the tie without any flattening, wearing out of fabric, or loss of color on hand painted designs.

I have had many cases with other cleaners with broken or missing buttons on my shirts. How do you ensure consistency with this service?

In addition to our regular shirt service, we provide a hand finished shirt service that ensures quality and consistency. We hand clean all collars and cuffs, while checking that all buttons are correctly in place to make sure that your shirt is perfect.

I have my father’s suit that holds a lot of sentimental value with me. However, I am 40 pounds less than my father and the suit is way too big for me. I am worried that after an extreme alteration it may fit very awkwardly. Are you able to help?

Our tailors have 30+ years of experience and are first class. They are able to handle the vast majority of desired alterations. One such customer, in this case, told us that their altered suit fits better than their others. If an alteration is truly not possible we will tell you honestly.

Can you get wine stains out of my grandmother’s favorite hand embroidered table cloth?

Yes - but please bring it to us as quickly as possible. The fresher the stain is, the better we can deal with it. We understand that older and more delicate cloths can be difficult to handle but we can get the job done.

I have a bridesmaids dress that needs to be altered within a week. I cannot close my zipper, and it needs to be about 5 inches bigger around my chest. Other cleaners have said the alterations desired are not possible and do not want to take responsibility for the dress. Are you able to help?

Yes! It may seem like an impossible task, but our expert tailors will get the job done right on time. Our tailors frequently complete jobs that other tailors can not.

Can your tailor come to my house for custom fitting?

We provide fitting at your convenience from the comfort of your own home. Please contact us for an appointment.

Can you clean my beautiful designer wedding dress? Do you also do preservation?

We have unparalleled experience in wedding dress and bridal gown care, providing both cleaning and alteration services. Whether you have a gown from Vera Wang or one from a local store, we carefully clean and handle your dress with expert care. We can also preserve your dress with our acid-free storage box. Your wedding gown will look as memorable as it did on your wedding day!

How do you handle items with sequins?

We provide hand cleaning services for delicates with sequins to deal with both heavy stains and little spots from daily life.

Can you remove stains from black and white striped sheets? I tried to spot clean a stain, which made the situation worse.

Yes - we can clean the sheets back to perfect condition.

Can you clean my cashmere sweater without losing its original size and texture?

We measure and block all of our cashmere garments. We guarantee the same size, softness, and texture as when you brought it in.

Are you able to clean my Hermes scarf without damage? I am worried that the edges will be pressed down during cleaning.

Yes, the scarf edge will be rolled beautifully and the hand stitch will look as good as new.

I have a handbag that I stored in the back of my closet and has now lost its shape and has that old mold smell. Can you help with this?

Yes - we provide a restoration service for both shoes and handbags. We pride ourselves on the ability to give new life to worn out favorites.

Can you pick up my rugs and clean them?

We can come and pick up your rugs, clean them, and return them in beautiful condition. We can even move your furniture and place the rug as it was before.

I am in another state with clothes but I would like Trafalgar to clean them. Can I send it to you for services and have it sent back to me?

Yes, if you send the clothes to us, we can clean the clothes and send it back to any location in the US.

I am unhappy with tailoring job on my shirt. What should I do?

If you are not completely satisfied with any of our services - we will redo the service for free, no questions asked. Our goal is to satisfy each and every one of our customers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa & Discover, in addition to checks or cash.

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